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A ‘Creative Doorway’ into Scientific Innovation

If we look within our deepest desires at the growing potential catalysts for change, it’s possible to speculate how our aforementioned ‘dystopian life’ could give way to something closer to a utopia. This is never more true than in the realm of healthcare. Though the dangers and abuses mentioned above are very real and have a strong impact on our daily lives, opportunity for transformation is afoot. So while access to effective care and many traditional medical practices are rightfully under attack, a brave cadre of scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals are forging a new path. And surprisingly, accompanying this courageous pursuit are the likes of husband and wife storytellers, Misty and James Buzzacco, owners of the Los Angeles based cinematic branding and production boutique, Creative Doorway - of whom both confidently proclaim, that a safe and successful passage into this new frontier starts at the nexus where “science fiction meets reality.”

Product Promotion for ‘The Big Screen’ Allows Creative and Visionary Partners, Misty and James Buzzacco, to Cinematically Capture a Science Fiction Reality for New Biologics Company

As unique as the diversification of cellular scientific innovations offered up by the renowned California based research and development company Elysian Biologics, there’s no question now of their intentions to proudly exercise this same boundary defying business model when it comes to how their company is aesthetically perceived on a brand and marketing platform. With 2020 marking the launch date for Elysian Biologic’s new lineup of NK therapies, pure MSC stem cell products and for the highly anticipated Exo® Exosome (umbilical cord derived) products for anti-aging, pain management and athletic injury treatment, “it was only naturally instinctive that their ‘beyond science fiction reality’ medicinal offerings be paired equivalently with a cinematic storytelling experience cut from the same cloth”, says Director James Buzzacco.